Samaria Gorge-Omalos-Sfakia- Agia Roumeli

Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is the longest gorge in Europe and also the most famous. Thousands of tourists flock here daily in the summer season to walk from the top to the bottom. For many visitors, it is the sole purpose of their visit to Crete. The length of the gorge reaches 18km and takes almost 4-7 hours to hike from Omalos to Agia Roumeli, depending on trekking speed.The gorge is located at the South of Chania Prefecture in the larger uninhabited area of Europe, where no roads even exist. There are many fresh-water springs along the route. Water is potableThe gorge is 16 km long, starting at an altitude of 1,250m at the northern entrance, and ending at the shores of the Libyan Sea in Agia Roumeli. The walk through Samaria National Park is 13 km long, but you have to walk three more kilometers to Agia Roumeli from the park exit, making the hike totally 16km.


The plateau of Omalos Chania is located 38 kilometers from Chania at a height of 1100 meters of the White Mountains. It has an area of ​​15 square kilometers, and most of it belonging to residents of If. Celery. During the Turkish revolutionaries were men. Only twice managed to reach the Turks as there for a few days, when failing revolution of the years 1886 - 1888 (one thousand days of revolution).It has three entrances from one side of Lakki (resource), a side of Sfakia



Sfakia call both the south-east area of ​​Chania and Sfakia, the port on the south coast of the county and seat of Sfakia Municipality, located 75 km from Chania. The Municipality Sfakia is the most sparsely populated throughout Greece area 468 sq. Km, population 2484 inhabitants) and includes the villages of Sfakia, Anopolis St John, St. Roumeli Asfendou, Bathroom, Patsianos, Skaloti, Imbros, Askifou and Frangokastello. Entire Sfakia characterized by its natural beauty


Agia Roumeli

Agia Roumeli is located in Sfakia district on the southern coast of Chania Prefecture, between Hora Sfakion and Paleochora. Agia Roumeli became known because here comes the path from the Samaria Gorge. The thousands of visitors who pass through Samaria every summer, leading here to catch the ferry that will take them to Loutro and Sfakia (east) or Sougia and Paleochora


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