Peza Winery

Peza Union


Peza Union  is strategically located at a distance of 16km from the city of Iraklion, at the village of Peza and the Nikos Kazantzakis municipality.  It was established in 1933 and it currently numbers 3000 farmer-members. The company has been certified as per ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and IFS systems. It features fully automated modern installations that process the 90% of the agricultural production of the area.  Currently the company occupies more than 100 employees.The basic products of the Peza Union are fine wines and extra virgin olive oil.  These are the result of meticulous care and expertise by all those who are involved with the traditional cultivation and subsequent processing. The final products are distinguished for their excellent taste, aroma, and overall character and enjoy the esteem of the national and international markets


Lyrarakis Winery


Lyrarakis Family, first got involved in viticulture and winemaking back in 1966. Today the winery is in the hands of the second generation.During these dynamic 50 years, the family has put all its effort in the revival of the indigenous Cretan grape varieties, producing wines that highlight their value and notable characteristics.Lyrarakis Winery is considered  a prioneer of Crete mainly because of the focus of the family on vinificating indigenous varieties as well as their blends with other international varieties.


Boutaris Winery

Plateau Mantineia, among Mainalo mountains Oligyrtos, Parnon and Artemisio lies the territory of Moschofilero. There, at 650 meters above sea level, and coordinates the knowledge and care, Boutari Winery chose to keep a precious secret: the "Boutari Plateau". The result of 88 years fixed engagement with Moshofilero from specially selected vineyards.


Silva Daskalaki Winery


The winery Silva Daskalaki located in Siva, a small village in the municipality of Heraklion in the 17th Km Heraklion-Mires. The tradition of the region for many years is the viticulture and wine production. Siva village is a picturesque rural village, where there are different types of crops such as rich vineyards and olive groves in the hills of the asymmetric region. Also a point which attracts visitors is the church of Agia Paraskevi, which is one of the oldest churches in Crete, dating from the 12th century. Making a small walk through the streets of the village we find the church, about 80 meters from the winery


Road Safety Management System (ISO 39001:2012)

We are glad to inform you that Elounda Star Travel has implemented a Road Safety Management System (ISO 39001:2012) in the scope of fleet management for travelling around Crete via taxis, minibuses, buses and limos. Our RTS policy and objectives focus on diminishment of the possibility of road accidents, continual improvement of our performance and customer satisfaction based on an up to date risk assessment.

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