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Elounda, Lassithi

Crete, Greece

Phone: +30 28410 41370

Fax: +30 28410 41317

Mob: +30 6946 357785

Mob: +30 6973 534425


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Road Safety Management System (ISO 39001:2012)

We are glad to inform you that Elounda Star Travel has implemented a Road Safety Management System (ISO 39001:2012) in the scope of fleet management for travelling around Crete via taxis, minibuses, buses and limos. Our RTS policy and objectives focus on diminishment of the possibility of road accidents, continual improvement of our performance and customer satisfaction based on an up to date risk assessment.

Phone Icon clip art +30 28410 41370
Incoming Fax Icon clip art+30-28410 41317
Phone Icon clip art+30-6973534425
Phone Icon clip art+30-6946357785